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Frijoles Y Arroz Podcast

Frijoles Y Arroz is an innovative podcast using throwback stylings to tell a story of resistance in modern time. Season 1 Available Now!


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About The Filmmaker


James is a screenwriter living in Belen, NM. His primary goal in screenwriting is to bring an end to violence. In 2010, twenty years after his wife died leaving him to raise their two daughters, his youngest daughter left for college. It was around this time that he saw a film about an invisible rapist. It affected him deeply. Realizing that he wouldn’t always be there to protect his daughters and that the people who commit violent acts are largely invisible until they commit those acts, he committed himself to creating stories that would address the problem.

Two of his early stories; Occupy and Unredeemable are born from the frustration he felt when looking at statistics around rehabilitation. Since then James has authored a blog and created a solo theatre show that focus on prevention. From 2016-2018 James toured the solo show from New York to San Diego and then to Vancouver. In 2019 he has been working on a half hour comedy podcast that shows the struggles a small community faces in its attempts to keep it’s citizens safe. The half hour comedy podcast titled Frijoles y Arroz is now available on Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and iHeart Radio.